google’s future technologies that will change the world

future technologies that will change the world
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If you do not know the answer to any question, now it is not necessary to be worried as before! Before it was like searching on the books, guides and asking to the experts, but searching any information is more easier now with the help of Google Search. Even today, when someone asks about something, he laughs like an experienced, “bro, do a search in Google!” Indeed. Want to know something ? Just Google it. You can easily find the necessary information using two or four keywords. And this is how we know Google as the most popular search engine in the world.

Also popular smartphone operating systems ‘Android’ is Google’s products. As well as working with the most widely used technology, this company is working with incredible technology that will make the future world more easy and exciting. Today there will be some information about google’s future technologies that will change the world.

Google Home Automation

Internet enabled cat feeder By MJN123, CC BY 3.0, Link

Over the past few years we have been hearing about SmartHome technology. The idea is like, the house coffee machine will make hot coffee when you wake up. The temperature of the AC itself will be reduce or increase the temperature of the house. Many more unbelievable work can be done with the help of this technology! This technology, known as ‘Home Automation’, but it is nothing new. The name of this technology comes in the early stages of the discussion of ‘Internet of Things’ technology. This technology has already spread to many countries including the US, UK, Canada. But it is in a small scale. The number of devices in this technology is also small, as is the number of users. This technology is lagging behind due to the huge cost and lack of developers. And Google is working on this technology.

To bring home automation further, Google introduced everyone to the software framework named ‘Android @ Home’. It will help programmers to easily connect with Android’s operating system smartphones, watches or tabs with wireless electrical appliances, cell phones, washing machines, fans, bulbs, refrigerators, and other essential electrical appliances in the wireless network. Google’s Accessory Development Kit also helps to create Android based operating system based on the source code and hardware to professional and hobby makers. And yes, Google has released a product called Google Home, which can easily be set up with the initial level IOT devices. The most familiar ‘Google Assistant’ can be connected to the device.

Robot Army

Robots. As machines grow ever more intelligent, they’re emerging not just as powerful tools, but close companions. Robot technology has been presented in different ways to different people, because of science fiction, many people have accepted it in different ways. Seeing movies of ‘Real Steel’, ‘Robocop’, ‘Terminator’, including books like ‘I, Robot’ by Isaac Asimov, we also tried to visualize a better robot and bad robot. In the future, humans and robots could be locked in a brutal conflict. Those who keep eyes on technical journals, may know that.


Keeping in tune with everyone, Google also moving forward, or a little faster! Google has bought eight robot manufacturers companies in just a few years. Among these companies are BOT and Dolly, Autofuss, Redwood Robotics, Meka Robotics. The company has also purchased “Boston Dynamic” company which was created for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, under the Defense Ministry of the United States. So, is Google going to create a robotic army as we see in the Si-Fi movie ?

US marines reject BigDog robotic packhorse because it’s too noisy. But after purchasing Boston Dynamic Google recently created a robot named ‘Handle’ just like ‘Bigdog’. The six-foot-five-inch high-end robot can run nine kilometers in two hours, climbing vertically up to four feet high and crossing different obstacles. Even it can carry hundred pounds of weight with the help of two feet of the upper part. The man looked like Atlas and horse modeled Spot has generated considerable discussion.

Autonomous car

File:Google driverless car at intersection.gk.jpg
A Google self-driving car By GrendelkhanOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Automation is the future, and keeping it in the mind, tech giant companies are working hardly on it. Companies spend trillions of trillions of dollars to automate different sectors. Some Companies are even investing their work, talent, time, and above all, on the individual products of a specific sector.

For example, just think about Transportation Sector! The car is the main thing there. And how if your car is driverless ? It will drive automatically and bring you down to the certain place safely, isn’t it will be great ?

Google has been working on ‘Driveless Car’ project since 2009. In the initial case, it uses a Toyota Prius car, which continues to advance through ten different 100 miles distance road. By the year 2012, The distance was increased to near 300 miles. In that year, Google started using the Lexus RX450h model in this project, and faced with some of the toughest difficult challenges. For example, they encourage their employers to use non-driving cars for weekly tours or other work.

After a series of experiments, Google made its own car designed for the first time in the in 2015. The ‘Firefly’ nickname car was operated through various custom sensors. It had the ability to break and run again if needed. But there was no steering wheel and visible brake. That means Firefly is fully self-regulated cars.

Above all, in 2016, Google took its driverless vehicle project under the name ‘Waymo’ technology company, through which this famous and huge technology company is planning to market self-propelled cars.


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